Do you already have dive gear from last year? If you do not have dive gear please come earlier to the sandbox behind 2 DP to get your dive gear and make sure you know how to put it on!

Last year we met at the Dive Sim to unbox the gear. This year we will do it in advance!

On Wednesday, Aug 5th at 5 PM SLT representatives from PADI and the DEN LC will be at 2 DP by the sandbox on Eduisland to help with an orientation on how to use the dive gear and put on the wet suit and gear. Please either come to this orientation or contact one of the DEN Leadership Council or Guides to make an appointment for an orientation. Familiarity with unboxing objects and locating and wearing objects in your inventory will make the Dive experience a success for everyone!

If you did not attend orientation - you will need to get your dive gear on Sat before you dive, so come in earlier to make sure you can get it, unbox it and wear it.