Dive Time 8:30 AM SLT

Please arrive at the DEN HQ - 2DP at 8:15 AM SLT before your dive to put on your wetsuit and get your last minute instructions. Pay close attention to your Dive Group Number.

Location: Dive World Group 4 - 8:30 AM SLT

Real Name
Avatar Name
Cynthia Alvarado
Cyndi Uriza
Kathleen Norris
Emilia Cornwall
Warren Koepp
Warren Wonder
Janna Smith
Debbie Horatio
Elaine Plybon
Celestia Cazalet

Location: Dive World Group 5 - 8: 40 AM SLT

Real Name
Avatar Name
Debbie Jeffers
Firery Broome
Rosie Vojtek
Roxie Neiro
Kay Olds
KK Oliphaunt
Anne Truger
JessieMarie Flanagan
Bob Vojtek
BJ Gearbox

Location: Dive World Group 6 - 8: 50 AM SLT

Real Name
Avatar Name