Dive Time 8:00 AM SLT

Please arrive at the DEN HQ - 2DP at 7:45 AM SLT before your dive to put on your wetsuit and get your last minute instructions. Pay close attention to your Dive Group Number.

Location: Dive World Group 1 8 AM SLT

Real Name
Avatar Name
Stephen Orr
Harryhausen Steampunk
Kim Caise
Koolkatkim Kaligawa
Kay McLennan
Kayako Mayako
Christine Southard
Teeneelove Babii
Sandy Stuart
Quest Firecaster

Location: Dive World Group 2 8:10 AM SLT

Real Name
Avatar Name
Keith Mitchell
Larry Klugman
Mary Miner
Doran Horngold
Marie Booz
Mandie Mimulus
Jackie Gerstein
Jackie Rexen
Steve Dembo
Demb Oh

Location: Dive World Group 3 8:20 AM SLT

Real Name
Avatar Name